March 29 – Day 12 of Our COVID 19 Adventure

Good Morning from White Rock

Today dawned and it was spectacular.  We were greeted this morning with the spectacular sunrise above.  It was easy to push back the concerns of the day for a bit longer while we watched this new day arrive.  We know that things can change in a second.  I always try to remember that so that I can be truly grateful for each moment of grace I experience.

Izzy Goes Home

Izzy’s morning started off with a dry diaper, clean (and cute!) clothes, a hair-do, and breakfast.  The girl loves eggs and loves to eat (usually).  She chowed down on her eggs while I sipped a cup of coffee.  We took pictures (this one) and texted it to her momma, who replied that she looked happy.  Doesn’t she just?

And then, in the period of a second, we went to this:

Jillian asked if I had just informed Izzy that she had to go home in a few hours.  Actually, no, but I don’t really know what caused this breakfast meltdown.  It was just another example of how quickly things can change.

Joe Diffie Died Today

Musician Joe Diffie died today.  His passing will not alter my life in the slightest.  We have recordings of his music…there will not be any more.  What his death did was change things once again in the space of a second.  He was 61, far below the age we were told was most vulnerable and an age that is uncomfortably close to our ages.  He had access to medical care.  I don’t know if he had any conditions that would make him more at risk, but in the time it took us to read the headline, we realized that in spite of all the descriptive statistics that are being thrown at us, everyone is at risk.  There are no exemptions, no golden tickets.

And we know that this is the way life has always been.  Things change on a dime and nothing is promised.  We need to enjoy and appreciate each and every moment of grace that comes our way.

Things Do Change in a Second

This is the same sunrise a few minutes later.  It is still very beautiful, but it has changed.  I am glad I took the time to glance back after I had already taken the “perfect” sunrise photo this morning.

We need to slow down so that we notice those moments of grace.  Taking photos of the sunrise out of my bedroom window most mornings is a sweet moment of grace for me.  Before the day begins, I find myself peeking through the gap in the curtain from the warmth of my bed, trying to anticipate when the “perfect” photo will be.  Just when I think it is more beautiful than it was a minute ago, I just out of bed and snap a picture and post it on Facebook with good morning wishes from the homestead.

What is always amazing to me is that even after that “perfect” moment in time when the sunrise is at its most beautiful, it changes and is still just as beautiful.

The world will be forever changed from this just like it changed forever after 9-11.  Airport security will never be the same, and yet, we still fly away to fun vacations or to see people we love.  Life is changed, but it is still beautiful.  This will change our world, but it will still be beautiful and there will still be moments of grace.

You just have to be willing to look for them.




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