March 30 – Day 15 of Our COVID 19 Experience

I Wore Real Clothes Today…Just Like I Always Do

My cousins and I have been texting each other more during this pandemic than usual.  We aren’t trading survival tips or crying about what is going on in the world.  I have amazing cousins who send texts about how they have day pajamas and night pajamas.  They discuss how they rotate from one to the other and we laugh about it.  Today, I was thrilled to text the above photo while they were discussing PJs.

I, the brave, strong one (ha!) had not succumbed to the pajama disease.  I had on real clothes…just like I always do.

Habit or Fear?

I sleep in a gown, so I must admit to not having enough pajama pants to get me through this crisis.  That may be one reason why I am not living in them.  However, there may be better explanations.

#1: I am a creature of habit.

I love wearing blue jeans.  My best teaching days were on “jeans day”.  You know, the reward days that administrators would throw at us every now and again to keep morale up.  Like what I wore ever impacted either my ability to teach or the students’ willingness to learn.  That is a soapbox I will avoid right now.

I feel great in jeans.  I feel comfortable.  I also feel empowered and enabled to act in them.  They are the pants that won the West, you know?  People rode horses in them.  Dug for gold in them (or at least in some facsimile of them).  I refuse to give them up.

#2:  I am afraid.

Have you ever known that bad storms are coming and slept with your clothes laid out beside the bed in case you had to run to a storm shelter?  I have.  I don’t want to spend the night freezing in a gown only to emerge and find out that the gown is all the clothing I have left.  I will lay out appropriate shoes (suitable for after storm clean up work) and make sure my purse is nearby and ready to be grabbed in a second.

That is not what is going on here.

I am continuing to wear real clothing, not because I think that jeans make me more immune to the virus, but because I believe that I will come out on the other side of this pandemic.  And when I do, by golly, I am going to be able to fit into my clothes.  I don’t want any surprises in a month or two.

Y’all all enjoy your PJ time, but remember to order some cute new ones because that may be all you can wear after sitting around working from home and drinking wine.

And So I Continue On…

And so I do continue on, wearing my jeans so that they can stretch with me a bit and/or warn me that I am enjoying too much wine and chair time.  This is such a great thing for me to keep in mind, because it is all too easy to sit and watch the news or get completely immersed into social media or playing games.  Remember to get out.  Remember to move.  Life may have slowed down a bit for some of us, but that doesn’t mean that it has stopped or won’t come roaring back in a few weeks.  Let’s be ready and let us all remember that spandex is a privilege not a right.  Good luck!


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