March 29 – Day 11 of our COVID 19 Adventure

Half of the Cuteness

With JW gone, there was only half of the cuteness here.  Izzy worked really hard today to make sure that she delivered as much as she could.  First, she took over PopPop’s chair and decided that she should forego getting dressed since her purple shoes fit over her footed pajamas.  I think she has been on my Facebook page and saw all of my friends who have decided to live in their PJs too.  I can’t say that she is wrong.

Izzy Has to Help

The chickens needed a new box.  Izzy sweetly offered to help PopPop.  She has managed to get dressed and changed shoes.  However, the shoes are still plastic and are still purple (something that her MeMe will appreciate, I am sure).

Izzy Helps Inside

Once the chickies were safely tucked away in their new home, Izzy thought she would show me a little love and help in the kitchen.  The bottom drawer is where all of the plastic plates, sippy cups and baby stuff are.  Bright colors and nothing to break equals an Izzy wonderland.  She spent a lot of time rearranging the drawer for me.  She is an interesting one, this Izzy.  While she may have touched everything in the drawer, she never took things out and put them on the floor.

Contact is Made

Jacob swears that the babies don’t like him.  I don’t think that is true.  Jacob just chooses to not spend much time with them and then thinks that they will be as familiar with him as they are with us.  Relationships don’t work like that.

And in a period of isolation and people feeling like they are losing touch with others, Jacob and Izzy had some sort of meeting of the minds yesterday.  She followed him around for a while and even let him feed her a cupcake which I am certain had absolutely nothing to do with how interested she was in him.  Well…maybe a little.  She lost interest pretty soon after the icing had all be wiped away.

Some girls are like that.

Nana Chores

Nana struggles to get things accomplished when the babies are here.  I think I need to pay attention to how I operate when they aren’t here so I can compare and figure out a way to continue to be productive.  No, on second thought, never mind.  I already know.  It is impossible to continue to work when you have your arms full of baby or a toddler hanging on your leg.  You just have to give over and I have for almost two weeks now.

Today I bottled 30 bottles of wine.  That means that I prepped the bottles, sanitized all my equipment, filled the bottles and corked them all.  Izzy was the only baby here but I still needed Jerry to entertain her while I completed that project.  I absolutely can’t do everything by myself.

I think that may be a problem with this period of isolation.  Lots of people feel that they are alone…maybe even dealing with all the news alone.  Please, reach out to other folks and check on them.  Just call someone you haven’t heard from in a while.  That happened to me today; an out of the blue call from someone I hadn’t heard from in two years.  They wanted to check on me.  It made my day.

So remember…

Y’all take care of each other.

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