March 24: Day 7 of Our COVID 19 Adventure


Finally!  Sunshine and giggles on the porch.  The kids were barefooted and loving life today.  I didn’t get a photo of it, but there was also a crop duster in the area that flew over out house repeatedly today.  “Yellow plane!”  and “In the trees!” were the hot phrases of the afternoon.  I am hoping the plane comes back soon or that it dries out enough for the farmers to come and plant the fields around us.  Either would be hours of entertainment for us around here.

Life is a Drag

Izzy took to dragging her blanket behind her today.  Yes, it caused a few problems.  She got in JW’s way a few times (he got in her’s, too), but she also got hung up on furniture and toys and needed help, “peesh” (please).  Too cute.  The dragging the blanket behind her was an improvement over the past few days.  JW likes to put his blanket over his head and run into things and get upset.  Izzy decided it was a good idea to be more like him.  While she didn’t put the blanket over her head, she did hold it in front of her so she could trip and fall.  This happened over and over and over.  The dragging behind method is quite the improvement.

Big Hugs…Big Bear

JW has a buddy.  He has been sleeping with this huge bear in his portacrib (which JW has just about outgrown) all week.  For some reason, JW decided that this bear was his buddy.  You can see that the beautiful relationship continues outside of night night time.  I just love that during quiet moments, he has a buddy and is so content to be loving on someone.

Chickie Update

The chicks continue to grow and get some little feathers.  They can’t escape their box yet, but it won’t be long until they can.  I’ll have to add taller sides to their home soon.  The kids are enjoying the chickens and it is funny to think that the chicks were a source of terror a week ago.  Now, everybody gets kisses and it is increasingly difficult to keep JW and Izzy from reaching into the box.

Y’all take care of each other!

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