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1859 James Wood Land in Erath County and Sale to M. Frazier

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The State of Texas

County of Hill


Know all men by these presents that I, James Wood, of the county of Hill and state aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of $125 dollars to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby fully acknowledged have bargained sold aliened and conveyed and by these presents do bargain sell alien and convey to Monro Frazier of the county of Erath and state of Texas his heirs and Assigns forever all of the following described tract or parcel of land to wit, lying and being situated in the county of Erath on the Paluxy River about 12 miles south 60ᵒ West of the town of Stephenville Being a part of a survey of seven hundred and thirty eight acres of land conveyed to James Wood by J De Cordova beginning at the south East corner of said Woods survey and the NW corner of a tract of 320 acres of land conveyed to M Frazier by J De Cordova. Thence W 920 varas a stake from which a Spanish oak bears N 11ᵒ E 13 varas marked “M” another bears N21ᵒ E 15 varas marked “F” thence N 614 varas a stake from which a Postoak bears S 71 E 8 varas marked “H” another bears South 62W 6 varas marked “H” Thence E920 varas a stake a post oak bears S 41 W 6 varas marked “H” another bears 36 W 4 varas marked “L” (stylized) Thence S 614 varas to the place of beginning containing one hundred acres of land to have and to hold the above described premises to him the said Monro Frazier his heirs and assigns forever and I the same James Wood do hereby covenant with the said Monro Frazier to warrant and forever defend the title to the same to the Monro Frazier his heirs or assigns against all persons claiming as to claim the same as any part thereof in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and scroll afor seal on this the 15th day of April AD 1859.

James Wood (seal)


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The State of Texas

County of Hill

Before me M. Miller Deputy Clerk of the County Court of Hill County this day personally appeared James Wood to me well known and whose signature appears to the attached deed of conveyance of this date as the grantor thereof and acknowledged that he had signed sealed and delivered the same for all the purposes and considerations therein contained and expressed in testimony whereof I have hence unto set my hand and the seal of the County Court of the County and office in the town of Hillsboro on this 15th day of April 1859.


M Miller Deputy


Page Three

The State of Texas

County of Erath

I, A.Y. Lister, Clerk of the county court with and for the county and state aforesaid certify that the within and forgoing deed was filed in my office for Record the 24th day of March at 4 o’clock pm and recorded the 8th day of same as 1 o’clock pm AD 1860 Book D on Pages 195 and 196 With my hand and seal of the county court of Erath County and office in the town of Stephenville the 8th day of June AD 1860

A.Y. Lister


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