In the Garden

When we decided to build and renovate our dream home, initially we ignored all things in the garden. The house project was just too overwhelming for first-time DIY people. Eventually, the house nears completion and you move in and you look out the windows of your beautiful home for the first time. The yard isn't a yard. It is a construction debris zone and you want to rush to buy curtains so you can't see it. Yeah, it was that bad. Things in the garden were the last things on our list. We let it get out of hand because we had too much other stuff to take care of. When we had a moment to spare, the grass (mostly weeds) were waist high or better. It was also full on summer and that meant snakes. I don't know if I have mentioned that I have a strong aversion to snakes. I think that is the politically correct way to say that I am terrified of them. So, between spring rains and mud and the summer heat and snakes, we had to push back everything in the garden. Which was fine since we were still not finished with the house (will the punch list ever be finished???) We have plans and dreams and a pretty spectacular vision for the yard From landscaping to edibles in the garden and orchard, here is our on-going attempt to make it beautiful, sustainable, and (best of all) edible! We have four acres to play with and a long laundry list of what we think we want. Luckily, beyond our small plot is a vast amount of crop land where the scenery is always changing.