March 22 – Day 5 of Our COVID 19 Adventure


In the middle of all of this, all I can think about (well, all I think about because there are moments where I do feel a bit overwhelmed) is how blessed we are.  I need to focus on that more and more.  I get to spend my days with the cuteness you see above.  I am blessed.

A First Baptist First

We started today with our first ever live broadcast from First Baptist Church Mertens.  Do y’all remember “Broadcasting from beautiful downtown Burbank…”?  I think that was the Hour of Power from the Crystal Cathedral.  Downtown Mertens isn’t Burbank, but the word of God was preached and people on small and large farms in the area worshiped remotely for the first time.  I am sure it won’t be the last.  I wonder what Nana and Dadaw would have thought about this?

While I am grateful to be able to worship this way, I know that I will be yearning to walk through the church doors until we are reunited.  We are blessed.

We Had Visitors

Our adult children, Jerry and I agreed, out of an abundance of caution, that they would wait for three days after going out before they came down.  Beth and John came today.  It was wonderful to see them and to see them get to love on their baby boy.  We had a nice lunch and then we had hamburgers for dinner.  Jerry’s hamburgers are the best and it was great to sit around the table and enjoy a meal.

We didn’t have hamburger buns and so I made some.  I had to find a new recipe for a softer bread as all of my recipes are either a chewy crust baguette style or just a dense bread.  You can read about that new recipe in this blog post.

Chicken Love

Izzy and JW introduced Beth and John to their favorite chicks.  Izzy and JW have obviously warmed up to the “chickies”.  JW helps Pop Pop change their water and feed them every day, so the little dude is learning to take care of animals and about chores.  Okay…that may be a stretch.  He is such a helper and he loves Jerry.  It wouldn’t matter what Jerry was doing, JW wants to “help”.

We Had a Great Day

We had a great day and we spent the evening snuggling and watching TV, reading books, and generally just getting along.  We know that we are blessed beyond measure and I do thank God for reminding me in so many ways of that.

Y’all take care of each other.

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