March 27 – Day 10 of Our COVID 19 Adventure

A Bit of a Rough Start

We had a rough night last night.  JW’s allergies really got to him in spite of his allergy meds.  He coughed all night.  He work up hoarse and out of sorts.  Both babies have had runny noses and we have been holding our breath, hoping that it was only allergies.  I think last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Poor little guy was not feeling well and I think missing his mom and dad and was tired of sharing space with another little person.  I can’t say that I blame him.  When I don’t feel well, I am never in a super benevolent or sharing mood either.  I just want things the way I want them and most of all, I want to be left alone.

We called John and Beth and we all decided that JW could use a break.  I was so sad to be in that position.  I want him here, but if he is getting sick, he needs to be where his mom and dad can get him what he needs.  He can always come back down later, I suppose.

We Did Have Fun Today

Of course, there are the chickens, but another fun thing to do is to use our chair and ottoman as a jungle gym.  They have climbed up and down a million times over the last few days.  JW has learned that he can lean over the back and reach the dirt in the planter.  That may have been fun for him, but his grandparents gave that new trick a big negative vote.  Ahhh.  It must be so frustrating to be so inventive and have someone squash your creativity.  LOL.

PopPop and Nana Get Some Chores Done

I am not going to kid y’all for a minute.  It has been a challenge to continue to get things done with both of these babies here.  We are working on the orphaned and vulnerable children curriculum.  Jerry is still teaching online.  I am writing.  We have wine to bottle.  And the grass keeps growing.

Today, Jerry went out to mow the grass while I fed everyone lunch and got them down for naps.  He came in and showered and laid down while I went outside to take care of killing weeds.  I sprayed six gallons of poison this afternoon, hoping that the rains would hold off (it did) long enough for the poison to be absorbed.

Our driveway is gravel, but lately it is starting to turn green in spots.  There are patches of grass and that is an issue.  Luckily, the grass responds well to the poison.  There is another issue.  See the delicate little plant below?

It is absolutely beautiful.  Pale green leaves formed on lovely red stems.  It really is beautiful.  Unfortunately, it is poison ivy and it is springing up everywhere in the driveway.  Also, unfortunately in the extreme, it doesn’t easily give over to the poison.  It will take several sprays before it finally dies, but there will always be more.  If any of you have ideas on how to nuclear blast this out of here without burning down the house, I am all ears.

Tomorrow Will Be a Sad Day

John and Beth drove down and had dinner with us tonight and they took JW home with them.  It is crazy how empty the house feels already.  Tomorrow is going to be a sad day because he is such a joy and I love him so much.  He needs some mommy and daddy time and I am certainly going to feel better with his parents watching him for a couple of days and deciding if something more than allergies are affecting him.  Nana loves him, but she isn’t his momma.

Hopefully, he will be back at White Rock soon.

Y’all take care of each other.

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