March 20 – Day 3 of COVID 19 Adventure


Okay.  I was trying to fall asleep last night, but my mind was revisiting all of March 20th’s events.  How would I make sense of them?  Irony seemed to fit the bill best.

Since school is closed for most, here is a vocabulary lesson.  The first definition of irony is “the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.”  That isn’t my style…

The second definition is “a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”  Hmmmmm  Okay, I thought, this is getting really close to describing our day.

The Trouble With Weather

The weather yesterday almost did us in.  We were beginning to have such beautiful weather and then the virus hit and we got the children and the weather turned cold and wet.  UGH!  The children acted like they were trapped for most of the day.  I know how they felt.  For some reason, the walls just seemed to be closing in on us.  It rained all day and it was cold.  With the virus going around, I really think that it would be great if the weather would warm up so that 1. we can spend time outside and 2. the virus might get the hint and go away.

As it was, this is how we muddled through Day 3.

If The Shoe Fits…

My dear friend, Margaret, sent tons of clothes and toys home with us this summer for the kids.  These cute Crocs boots were in the bag and JW decided they were his (even though we couldn’t get them on his feet this summer).  They fit Izzy, but that was a problem.  JW played Cinderella (wait…it was the stepsisters whose feet didn’t fit, right?).  No matter how hard he tried, those boots would not go on.  And so we had to admit that Izzy should get the boots, but what about him?  A trip to our closet provided him the opportunity to shop for new shoes.  He, of course, selected a pair that were too large and insisted on wearing them all day on the wrong feet.  I wasn’t expecting him to want shoes that were too small or too big, but that is what he wanted.  I’ll never understand babies.

Izzy Takes a Dive

We have concrete floors and I am always afraid they are going to face plant and get hurt.  I was on the phone with Jillian when I looked up and saw Izzy trying to go after a toy in the bottom of the bucket.  Before I could blink, she was head down in the bucket with her feet in the air.  I rushed over to rescue her, but my “rushing” wasn’t fast enough.  She had righted herself and settled in for a bit of time in the toy box.  Again, babies…they are just so unexpected.

Picnicking On A Rainy Day

By lunch, I had lost all control, evidently.  Not really.  Jerry had a teleconference and was at the dining table.  The kids got hungry a bit early and so we had our lunch in the living room and called it a picnic.  This one isn’t really ironic as I expected them to love eating a picnic.  My Nana did the same sorts of things with us when we were little and we loved the novelty of it.

Off To The Races

Again, Nana lost control.  They decided that running laps in the house was a great idea.  I kept thinking about the dangers of concrete floors and cabinet corners.  Then I thought about the joys of nap time.  I stood here and urged them to slow down while they burned off as much energy as possible.  Ironically, I should have let them run at full speed and do a few more laps.  Nap time would have come more quickly…


Nap time was enjoyed by all.  Izzy work up first and she looks like she had a really great nap.  Her hair was a mess.  Ironically, I didn’t have a nap and my hair looked the same, which is why my head isn’t in the photo.  I’m hoping for a shower and time to actually dry my hair today so that I don’t fall any further into Isolation Mutation.


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