March 25 – Day 8 of Our COVID 19 Adventure

Chicken Love Affair – The Romance Deepens

JW is fine with the chickens.  He wasn’t the one who lost their mind when the baby chicks arrived.  Izzy, on the other hand, absolutely lost it and was terrified.  The chicks have been here for a week now.

This is where we are.

Both kids blow kisses to the chicks and stop by and say hello.  Both of them are trying to reach into the box to pet the “chickies” which I have mixed feelings about.  On the one hand, the chicks need human contact, but on the other, the babies are more like miniature monsters approaching the box…loud, waving their arms, banging into the box with their toys and screeching with glee.  Think Godzilla movies and the chickens live in Tokyo.  The chickies will either be socialized or psychotic by the time this is over.

We Had Great Outside Time

My grandmother could make fun out of nothing.  Y’all…I am trying.  Today, I placed a three inch wide board down and the babies started trying to balance on it and walk the length of it.  JW sort of understood the concept.  Izzy does her own thing.  The important part of it is that they had something new to do and that is a wonderful thing.

We did have another shoe episode…Izzy’s mom sent the cute purple shoes seen above.  That meant that JW needed a new pair of shoes.  The ones he had selected (you remember…the really large aqua sandals?) were deemed to be too big by him and so he selected a purple pair of shoes (also seen above) that Margaret had sent this summer for them.  Those shoes are, you guessed it, too small.  But the little darling insisted.  He ended up removing them not long after we got outside.  Which led to this:

Little Miss “I don’t like dirt” decided that sunshine on her toes was what the doctor ordered and she sat down and made it happen.  This girl wants to arrange the world to her liking and she succeeds most of the time.

Dinner Was a Hit

With babies, meal time is hit or miss.  What they eat one day, they refuse the next.  AND WE ARE TRYING TO PLEASE TWO OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME!!!  Tonight, I made a beef stroganoff with egg noodles.  We used some Wagyu beef and it was delicious.  If you ever get the opportunity to try it, Wagyu beef is absolutely delicious even in ground beef form.  I thought about my sweet mother-in-love while we ate it and wished that she had some.  Lucille loves egg noodles.  Maybe we can have dinner together after all this mess blows over.  Until then, sweet MeMe, enjoy these photos of these great grandchildren of your chowing down on one of your favorite meals!

It Was a Good Day

Izzy and JW had a good day today.  They are getting better about having “Cousin Conflicts” .  What that means is that these only children are adjusting to having someone their size around who compete for attention, toys, attention, toys…you get the picture.   They are both as sweet as they can be and we love them dearly.

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  • Lucille Burch

    Awww ! Thank you, Jana ! Yes I do love egg noodles however, I love most everything you and Jerry cook.
    The kids are adorable and you know I noticed those purple shoes !
    Yes, we do need to see you. I have not been inside any store, etc and I am going stir crazy.
    Enjoy your fun distraction ! My favorite memories include those of times with my grandchildren,

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