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Ben Ward Purchases Land from Mr. Patton 1870s


This is undated and not completely filled out.  Benjamin Ward was the son-in-law of James and Isabella Wood.  He and his wife, Jeanette Wood Ward, bought the other siblings’ share of the homestead.  Their descendants lived in the homestead until the last Ward owner, Glenn Ward, passed away in May of 2014.  Jana and Jerry Burch purchased the property in January 2018.

The Document

State of Texas

County of Hill


Know All Men By These Presents:

That I, J.S. Patton of the county of Morris and State of Texas for and I consideration for the sum of seventeen 50/100 dollars, to me in hand paid by Benjamin Ward of the County of Hill and State of Texas the receipt of which is hereby acknowledge, have granted bargained sold, released and conveyed and do by these presents grant bargain sell release convey and confirm, until the said Benjamin Ward his heirs and assigns forever the following described property or tract of land the same being a part of the J.S. Hobley Survey lying and being in Hill County State of Texas about five miles south of Peoria.

Beginning at the western division corner of J.S. Hobley survey between J.E. Patton and J.S. Patton at a corner on the west line of same Hobley Survey. Thence N 60 E 172 ½ vars to a stake on said division line from which a post oak from S 60 W 1 vars _________. Thence S 30 E 163 vars to a stake from which a post oak brs  N  30 W 8 vars to Black Jack brs N 50 ½ E 2 vars Thence S 60 W 172 ½ vars to a corner on the west line of said Hobley Survey.  Thence N 30 W 163 vars to the beginning containing 5 acres.

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