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Jane Patterson Letter to Mr. Doak March 19, 1878


Poor Jane!  She finds herself widowed for the second time and is writing to Mr. Doak for help locating his brother.  S.C. Doak was teaching school in the area and was boarding with Jane and John Patterson.  He left his trunk with all his books and papers and Jane has lost track of him.  She is urgently looking for him as he did not pay her the money for his room and board and Jane is in need of the money.  I have another letter that John Patterson wrote to Mr. Doak on the same subject.

The Letter

Brandon, Hill Co.

March 19th 1878


Mr. Doak, Dear Sir,

I take the liberty of wrighting to you to ask if you know where your brother S.C. Doak is as I have lost trace of him.  He left his trunk at my house with this books and papers.  He also had the picture of his great father which he showed to us at different times.  He was teaching free school and boarded at my house about 14 months.  He could not cash his vouchers when he left.  Since then, I saw in the paper where all that taught in 73 could get their money.  I feel a deleacy into you but my husband died in February 1877.  Your brother S. C. Doak gave my husband his note when he left and as I have some small children left to support, it would be a great help to me if I could cash his note or even part of it.  Please excuse me for troubling you for the information.  Hard times and bad luck have driven me to it.


Jane M. Patterson

PS I will give you a copy of the note.



One day after date I promise to pay John Patterson one hundred seven dollars and sixty cents for value received.

S.C. Doak


Privet  Mr. Doak                                                                Ingram & Doeck

Be of Tabocleaf

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