Wood Family Reunion 2024

The Wood Family Descendants

James and Isabella Riddell Wood

Our Families

James and Isabella Riddell Wood left Scotland in 1851 for Texas.  They brought their nine children with them.  Daughter Christina and son James died in Leon County.  Daughter Martha died less than 24 hours after arriving at Ft. Graham.  Their oldest son, Hugh, became a teamster for the U. S. Army and died in the Mormon Wars in the 1850s.  Son John joined the Confederate Army and died on July 26, 1864 in Cloutierville, Louisiana after taking ill.

Only four of the Wood children survived to have families of their own.  These are the families that constitute our family reunion.

Margaret Wood and James Ransom Davis

Margaret Wood (1831-1899) married James Ransom Davis (1829-1898) on April 7, 1853, in Navarro, Texas. They had four children during their marriage: Nannie Davis (1855-1922), John H. Davis (1857 – 1923), Molly A. Davis (1862 – ), and James William “Will” Davis (1865 – 1941).   Margaret Wood died on February 24, 1899, in Texas at the age of 67, in Brandon, Texas.  James Ransom Davis died on November 27, 1898, in Brandon, Texas, at the age of 69.  Both are buried in the Brandon-Bynum Cemetery on FM 1243.

Jane Mason Wood and (1) Monroe Frazier; (2) John M. Patterson

Jane Mason Wood married Monroe Frazier in 1854 and they had four children together; Mary Isabella Frazier (1855 – 1856), James Thompson Frazier (1857 – 1937), Mary Christina Frazier (1859 – 1945), and Hugh Monroe Frazier (1862 – 1939).  Monroe Frazier enlisted in the Confederate Army in  of 1862.  He became ill and returned home to Brandon and died on 27 May 1862 about four weeks prior to the birth of their last child.  Monroe Frazier and their daughter Mary Isabella are buried in the old Brandon Cemetery.  Jane next married John  M. Patterson and they had two children together; John R. Patterson (1868 – 1961) and William Marshall Patterson (1870 – 1953).  John M. Patterson is buried in the Milford Cemetery.  Jane Mason Wood died on December 29, 1915, in Brandon, Texas, having lived a long life of 83 years, and was buried in the Brandon-Bynum Cemetery.

Isabella Wood and Robert Andrew Ferguson

Isabella Wood and Robert Andrew Ferguson married in 1861 in Brandon, Texas. They had seven children; Emma Ferguson (1862-1935), Robert Marmaduke Ferguson (1864 – 1930), James Warren Ferguson (1866 – 1933), Margaret Adelia “Maggie” Ferguson (1867 – 1945), Hugh Wood Ferguson (1871 – 1948), Nannie Ferguson (1875 – 1938), and Joseph Benjamin Ferguson (1877 – 1959).  R.A. Ferguson died on March 6, 1910 in Brandon, Texas.  Isabella Wood died on December 4, 1916, in Brandon, Texas.  They are both buried in the Brandon – Bynum Cemetery.

Jeanette Wood and Benjamin Ward

Jeanette Wood married  Benjamin Ward in 1866 and they had nine children together, Belle Ward (1867 – 1940), James Franklin Ward (1869 – 1870),  David Ward (1871 – 1933), Luella Ward (1872 – 1872), Robert Ward (1876 – ), Elizabeth Ward (1876 – 1957), Charles Birteil Ward (1877 – 1936), and Bettie Ward (1879 – ).   Benjamin W. Ward died January 9, 1914 at home in Brandon.  Jeanette Wood died on January 3, 1918, in Brandon, Texas, at the age of 69.  Both are buried in the Brandon-Bynum Cemetery.

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