19 October 1862: John Wood to his mother, Isabella Wood

Transcribed Letter:

October 19, 1862

Mrs. Wood

I now take the opportunity to you a few lines to let you know that Im well at present. The boys from our sctelinen are all well but Obe we are campt close to El Parsons.  Arch and Eli are at our camps every other day or to.  Archy and Eli has got as fat as hos Parsons Men are bringing in yanks every day or to. Obe has got the flux I saw Mat Finch in des ark as We past thrugh. I didn’t get to see John Patterson but Bob said looket well. Corn is plenty. Is plenty in this part of arcansas.

We are camt near cotton plan arcansas. Direct your letters to CO little rock to the care of Capt. Williams company to Col. Bubors

I’ve been Well since I felft home the hogs are fate here my horse also looks well. I must bring my letter to a close yourse respectfuly your son John Wood

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