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11 Sept 1862 John Wood Letter to Sister Jeanette Wood


John writes home to his sister, Jeanette Wood.  He mentions sister Isabella (Bell) in the letter.  He is in Arkansas when he writes this letter.  He has mentioned this before, but he tells that he is sending money home.  I always wonder if this is because the financial situation was dire at home or only if he didn’t really have use for the money while he was off fighting.

The Letter

Jeanette Wood

September the 11, 1862

Camp Camdan

I now take opportunity of writing to you a few lines to let you know I am well at present.  All of the Boys are well.  My horse is fat.  The horses are all looking well.  The Health of the regm. Is goo.  I am getting nearly balheaded.  My heir has nearly all come out from that spel of fever.

I had received those few lines that you had sent in Bell’s letter.  I was very glad to here from home.  We are cheered by the ladies as we pass.  They said the boys are all very lively. James Moffet got yesterday at Camdan.  Cropies is very bad in this part of Arkansas.  They went with ____ to the acher.  We have pushed through the worst of it.  There are better ahead.  Ben and Jim the Mexican is cooking tonight.  Supper is almost done and I should be ready to stop for tonight.  I now begin to finish my letter.  This morning is very wet.  Mim Murphy, Jim McDaniel is sick.  Jim left behind.  Times are very dul here.  We have plenty to eat.  They are talking of sending home for clothing from here.  I don’t want nothing but a pare of drawers or too and a plug of tobaca or two.  I will have to bring my letter to an end.  The quarter master is going to start after our money in a few days and we will not move far from here till we get our pay.

I shall wont one pair of pants.  When they send home for the clothes I will send home as much money as I can do without.  The docksters (doctors) says that James Mc ­­­­­_____   will die without a dout.  We are endcamped 3 miles eash of Camden on the Ouchata River, Ouchata County, on the Ouchata River.  Henery Harris is sick.  Bob and Jim Frazier is on duty today.  I must bring my letter to a close.  I will try to write soon.  Direct your letters to Camdan.


John Wood


  • Elaine McDade

    I had a Wood family in Arkansas. The Washington Marquis de Lyfette Wood. He was referred to as WMDL Wood. The later moved to What is now Wood County. He was a descendant of Moses Wood.

    I’m not interested in being on a website. Wondering if your Wood and ours are cousins.

    • Jana Burch

      Hmmm. There is a possibility that distant members of the Wood family came and settled in the U.S. They just didn’t come with our bunch and I don’t know where they may have settled. I do have a few letters from “sister” who was in Pennsylvania and a mention of an uncle in Illinois, but neither of them had the last name of Wood. Thanks for reading the letter and for sending me your question!

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