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Renick and Frazier Document October 15, 1872


This is the Renick and Frazier business.  George Renick and James C. Frazier are the owners.  James C. Frazier is Monroe Frazier’s brother.  The original document has all of the blanks you see below.  The information isn’t filled out so this may have been a preliminary document that needed to be filled out.

The Document


Oct. 15, 1872


__________ of R.A. Ferguson and J.R. Davis a note for the balance of the purchase money for a tract of land sold for the heirs of James Wood ___________________ in Paluxy in Erath County said note ________ on the ______ day of 1872 due _____________my with per five______sold from date for collection

Renick and Frazier

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