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James C. Frazier Letter to James Wood 26 April 1869


In this letter, James C. Frazier asked James Wood if he wishes to sell some land in Erath County.  Kimball, in this instance, is the location from which the letter was written and does not refer to Richard Kimball, the land agent.  James Cason Frazier (1831 – 1917) was the brother of Monroe Frazier who married James and Isabella Wood’s daughter Jane Mason Wood.

The Letter


April 26th, 1869

James Wood, Esq.

My dear friend,

I was up in Erath County last week and I saw a man that wants to buy 160 acres of your land on the Paluxy – he wants half of the part of your tract on the creek and run back for quantity.  He is willing to take his off of the upper or lower side of your land.  Don’t care which.  He is willing to give you two dollars per acre in __________________ down.  That is 320 dollars for the 160 acres.  I think it is a good trade for you.  If you want to make the trade, let me know and I will fix up the papers and bring you the money to Hillsboro.  My charges will be ten percent.  This leaves us all well.

Yours Respectfully,

James C. Frazier

-one the back-

P.S. Pa says to tell Jane that Tom Williams that lives near Blackburn’s Store has sold a beef steer of hers and has got the money ready.



  • Teresa Dyer

    Great work. I am a descendant of James and Isabella Wood through Jeanetta. I have heard a lot of this but you filled in some blanks. My grandmother was Daisy Ellen Ward.

    • Jana Burch

      Hi, Teresa!
      There is a lot of family history on this page and I hope you will comeback and see what else you can find. We love sharing what we have found with cousins.

      Best wishes,

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