November 19, 1878: William Riddell to his sister, Isabella Riddell Wood

This letter was written by William Riddell, brother of Isabella Riddell Wood.

Transcribed Letter:


19th November 1878

My Dear Sister,

Yours of August 10th have duly to hand, I was glad to hear from you again and to hear you were all well, I had a letter from Allegheny with the same Post as yours came with, they then were in good health, I have wrote again to day to Mrs. Reids – Mr. Riddell is much about hir usual way.  She is mostly confined to bed, she had one of this ill turns a fue days since, but is greatly covered again, theirs a Dr. Donale in Strathaven who was able to cure hir, I gave hir his medicine for about three months and she did not take any of them, but sure enough he would have cured hir, he would have finished hir, so I stopped his medicine thought it better to let nature take its course than to kill with Medicine, the rest of us is well, I see from your letters Its been a very hot summer both with you, and with our other friends in America and hood crops. We have had a fine season in Scotland this year, and early, with fine croaps of all kinds, but markets is greatly fallen here, owing to trade being dull of all kinds, there is hundreds I may say thousands of people going idle, the City of Glasgow bank has stopped payments, hir ? being about seven Millions of pounds which has brought ever thing to a standstill.  There is ? of ten and twenty thousand pounds taking ? almost every day, so that people who has a fue pounds besides them is afraid to put it out to usurey, there is what is called a national subscription for the poor unfortunate shareholders who have lost their all going on.  Its expected to amount to three hundred thousand pounds, I believe there is between two and three hundred thousand subscribed already, that will surely do a dale of good to those who may have lost their all by City Bank ?, there is seven of the Directors in jail who have been refused Bail and one Baled out at 15:000 pounds who ?  not? Illegible…

Their trials is awaiting …..its hoped they will get according in their deserts, they are charged with Falshood, Fraud and willfull Imposition and theft.

Friends here are all well. Hoping this will find you all well. There is a great amount of compliment and good wishes to send to you, to numerous to mention.

From your affectionate Brother

William Riddell

I will be happy to hear from you again

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