March 23: Day 6 of Our COVID 19 Adventure

Whew.  Okay.  I was thrilled when this day ended.  Not because it had been a bad day, but because it was the last of the yucky weather and there was a promise of sunshine and warmth tomorrow.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Visitor from the Outside

Mike made the trip up and was a hit (of course) with the kids.  He sat in the floor and played with them and they were so glad to see him.  Izzy was happy to see her daddy and that was a sweet thing for today.  Mike stayed for dinner and took some left overs home to Jillian.  Jillian and Mike are great cooks and I do not worry about them eating, but there is just something gratifying to know that you fed someone you love and that maybe, just maybe, sending a little something for them meant that there was one meal they didn’t have to think about.  It does this Momma’s heart good to think she is useful.

Mike brought us up an assortment of plants that we were unable to find in our area.  I am so looking forward especially to the Ichiban eggplants!  Cooking from a garden is one of my absolute favorite things in the world.  When we lived at Studley, we had a huge garden.  We had a hurricane and a tropical storm that knocked out power and we survived on eggs and things from the garden.  When the earthquake and tornado hit, we did the same.  I can’t wait to go grocery shopping in our back yard.

And one more thing about Mike’s visit.  He insisted on taking the kids and giving us a break.  They played in White Rock and read books which allowed me to actually cook one meal without interference.  Jerry and I may have even sipped a glass of wine and had a conversation while I cooked.  I remember when our babies were little and this was our normal.  I wouldn’t trade these days for anything, but I am reminded of how difficult it is with little ones.  Our kids are doing a great job raising their babies.


Uninvited Guests

I discovered that we have an infestation of moths in our pantry.  That isn’t good news.  I checked all opened products like crackers, meal, and flour to see if they had gotten into them.  I threw away some items and repackaged everything in airtight containers.  Not exactly what I wanted to be worrying about right now.  I mean, don’t we have enough going on without having to throw out food and rearrange everything in the pantry?

Aren’t We Fancy?

We are doing our best to continue to eat real food during all of this.  Between not going to the grocery store and having toddlers on each leg while we do anything, it is a challenge.  Tonight, we made the Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons and Olives again.  It is an unusual dish because of the preserved lemons.  It is a combination of fresh, bright citrus and something richer underneath.  You should try it and it is a quick meal if you use your Instant Pot.

We Had a Good Day

We had another good day, but we went to bed with prayers for sunshine and warmer weather on our lips.  Here is hoping we will be able to play outside soon!

Y’all take care of each other!

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