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John Wood Letter to his Mother, Isabella Wood 8 September 1863


John Wood was born in Scotland in 1841 and was about 10 years old when they emigrated to Texas.  He joined the Confederate forces with his brothers-in-law in Hill County, Texas and went off to war.

The Letter

September the 8th, 1863


Dear Mother,

I take the present opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know how I’m getting along.  I’m well now but have been sick.  There is a great deal of sickness in our regiment now.  Out of 800 there is not more than one hundred able for duty.  Mem Murphy & Bob Frazier is in the country sick.  I’ve got nothing new to tell you but Doak has got a furlough he will bring this letter home to you and he can tell you more than I can.  Archy is well.

I hope this will find you all well.  I’m in a hurry.  I will have to bring letter to a close.

Your son,

John Wood

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