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Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken from Life Made Keto

Instant Pot Magic

The Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken recipe from Life Made Keto  was what we had for dinner last night.  This is more of a review…you can click the link above for the recipe.

I am terrible about “sharing” a recipe on Facebook (so I can find it again) and never making it.  I share Instant Pot recipes for the same reason.  When I got ready to make this last night, I had to open my texts to Sharon and find the recipe.  So much for organization!

I did find this recipe while scrolling on Facebook.  I am not following a keto diet.  I don’t know how and haven’t spent the time to learn.  However, this dish looked delicious with its golden brown chicken and bright lemons.  It looked like summer to me.

The fact that it was prepared in the Instant Pot meant that it would be a quick dinner and wouldn’t heat up the kitchen while it cooked.  Both wins in my book.

After a grocery run, I started making dinner.  I realized that the chicken broth I thought I had in the pantry was actually seafood broth.  No worries, I only needed 1/3 cup.  I decided that 1/3 cup of white wine would do nicely.

To prepare the chicken, the recipe says to sauté it in the Instant Pot.  I did, and while it worked fine, I think it is a prettier product when I brown meats on the stove.  The chicken cooks in the Instant Pot for only 7 minutes, barely time for me to get the asparagus ready.

My chicken last night didn’t look like the photograph.  I may or may not have added more liquid (read wine) than the recipe called for and I didn’t make a slurry to thicken the sauce.  Still, it was delicious and most recommended!

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