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Ferguson Land Records in Hill County, Texas in 1890

Robert Andrew Ferguson, husband of Isabella Wood Ferguson


R.A. Ferguson bought a lot of land in Hill County, Texas and elsewhere.  He needed it as he was a stockman and also providing for a large family.  In 1887, he purchase 13 acres near his home (deed recorded in 1890).  This was abandoned land.  Notice that the chain carriers were JW Ferguson and RM Ferguson, his sons.

I attached the link to the pdf of these documents below.  In the field notes, they use the word “vacancy” a lot.  I haven’t seen that word used in other surveys.  Was this land scraps between other parcels of land that belonged to no one?

The Documents

13 acres land RA ferguson



  • Elaine Parny

    Hi Jana,

    Thank you for such a wonderful wealth of knowledge regarding our family. I’m almost completely ignorant of our family history but have heard some stories as Aunt Pat (Ferguson/Williams) and my mom, Lanell (Ferguson/Jones) told many stories on their quest to find information regarding R.A. and all things genealogical about the family. I’m sure you’ve had some great info from Aunt Pat.

    I am thinking you are aware of the lots that are in the heart of Brandon that are still registered to R.A.’s estate and am wondering if this particular deed has any relevance to those 13 lots?

    Thank you, again.

    Artie “Elaine” Parny
    Daughter of Ewin Lanell Ferguson (Jones/Walker)
    Grandaughter of Artie Eula Ferguson

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