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1875 Sworn Letter to State of Texas by Oliver Hazzard Anderson

O.H. Anderson Letter to State


The Anderson Family is a pretty cool branch of our family tree.  John Anderson was born in Scotland and emigrated to the American colonies.  He and his sons fought on the side of the rebellious colonist.  John Anderson and his son (Scarlet, I believe) were killed during this conflict.  His son Bailey Anderson appears to be an adventurous hero in the making.  He fought in three or four colonies during the American Revolution.  He was a spy.  He moved to the area that is now Kentucky and served in the state legislature there.  He moved into what is now Indiana and was one of the very first white men to do so.  There is a brief story about how he slept in a tree in order to avoid Native Americans in the area while building his cabin.  The tree house was called “Bailey’s Roost”.  Bailey, Sr. was a natural linguist and knew the dialects of the natives in the area.  He helped to found the county of Warrick, Indiana.  Anderson township is named for Bailey and Darlington, Indiana is said to have been named in honor of his wife whom he called Darling.  Bailey recruited a gunsmith to their new settlement in Indiana and this man married Bailey Sr.’s daughter.  The gun smith’s name was Ratliff Boone, nephew of Daniel Boone.

This letter, however, is written by Bailey’s grandson, Oliver Hazzard Anderson in an attempt to get a pension for fighting against the Mexicans when Texas fought for independence.  The letter outlines the family coming to Texas and clearly states that Oliver Hazzard’s father is Bailey, Jr. who is the son of Bailey, Sr.

The Battle of Nacogdoches took place in 1832.  Bailey Anderson, Jr. brought troops to fight in the conflict just as OH Anderson testified.

The Letter

The State of Texas

County of Navarro

I, Oliver Hazzard Anderson, a citizen of Freestone County and State of Texas do solemnly swear upon my oath, that I was born in the county of Warrick and state of Indiana on the tenth day of December, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirteen (1813) and I am a few months over sixty one years of age at this time.  At the age of four years old, I emigrated to Texas _______ in the year of A.D 1817, and settled in Red River County Texas or the place known at this day, as Red River County, in said state, and remained in Texas two years, and after the expiration of said two years, my father moved from Texas, and carried me with him into what is now known as the Indian Territory and Choctaw Nation and remained and lived in the Indian Territory until the latter part of 1821, when he again moved back to Texas and settled in San Augustine Texas and we remained at San Augustine Texas until 1837, and after 1837, I moved to Panola County Texas and lived in Panola County until 1856 and after 1856 I lived in Hill and McLennan counties Texas until 1869, and after 1869, I have lived and resided in this county of Freestone and state of Texas.  And I do further swear upon my oath that I am a Texas veteran and that I am entitled to a pension under the laws of Texas, granting pensions to the surviving veterans, who fought for Texas independence in the war of the revolution against Mexico and I also swear upon my oath that I was a member of Capt Baily Anderson’s company served and enlisted as a soldier in said company in the months of July and Aug in AD 1832 and served and fought in said company in behalf of the people and in behalf of Texas.  And on or about the 2nd day of August AD 1832, I was present in said company and was in the battle of Nacogdoches and fought in behalf of Texas against the Mexicans during one day and fought until the battle was over and fought until the company fled and was  ______.

I was present, fought, and took an active part as a soldier in said battle of Nacogodoches in 1832 and served and participated there in on or about said 2nd day of August 1832.  That I was a son of Captain Baily Anderson, who commanded my company in said battle of Nacogdoches that after the fight was over (a few days) my father Capt Baily Anderson gave me leave of absence to go home to San Augustine in company with Theophilous Thomas and Pinkney Lout, who had also been in said battle, and I never rejoined my said command anymore from the ______ the fighting ended, and a few days after I returned home, my whole company arrived home and we were all mustered out honorably discharged from further service of the said Capt Baily Anderson and was not called out again.  My discharge was a verbal one, and not a written discharge.  That there were no written discharge that I ever knew.

And I do further swear upon my oath, that I am the same identical Oliver Hazzard Anderson who was a member of and belonged to Capt Baily Anderson’s company in the said months of July and August of the year AD 1832 and served as a soldier and participated and fought in the battle of Nacogodoches in said company on or about 2nd day of August AD 1832 and that I am entitled as aforesaid to a pension.

O.H. Anderson

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 2nd day of March, AD 1875


James R. Frash

Notary Public

Navarro County




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